German commemorative plate III./Inf.Rgt. 271 “Feldherrnhalle”
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Extremely rare aluminum commemorative plate which was made as a Christmas gift to the III./Infanterie-Regiment 271 “Feldherrnhalle” in 1939.

This third battalion was formed on 1 October 1939 in Luckenwalde near Berlin by members of the SA-Standarte “Feldherrnhalle”. As part of the 93. Infanterie-Division, the regiment fought in France and the northern section of the Eastern Front. The honor title “Feldherrnhalle” was bestowed upon the whole regiment in August 1942. On 15 October 1942 it was renamed Grenadier-Regiment 271 “Feldherrnhalle”.

The plate is in beautiful condition. It is 14 cm wide and about 4 cm deep. The edge has been marked “Kriegsweihnacht 1939 – III. Btl. J.R. 271 (Feldherrnhalle)” and bears the signature of August Raben, who was “Major und Kommandeur” of this unit.

Major Raben was killed in action during the invasion of France. The inside of the plate has the unit symbol of the “Feldherrnhalle” battalion imprinted.

The back of the plate bears the maker mark of Lameyer & Sohn, Hannover, which was a famous jewelry maker.

The plate is a textbook example of very high quality.

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