German exercise map Grafenwöhr
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Very nice original exercise map of Truppenübungsplatz Grafenwöhr, a training area for motorized units, which is still in use as such.

The map is undated, but has a stamp in the upper right corner, reading "8.(M.G.) Komp. Inf.Rgt. Bayreuth, Coburg". This was a heavy machine gun company of Infanterie-Regiment Bayreuth, which was formed in 1934, and later became Infanterie-Regiment 42, part of the 46. Infanterie-Division, which was fighting on both the Western and Eastern front.

It saw action on Crimea, in the Caucasus and on the Kuban bridgehead.

The map measures 51 x 66,5 cm and is in very good condition. Great display piece.

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