German WW1 id tag from Estonia
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Wonderful piece of Estonian history.

Recently nine complete and three half German Erkennungsmarken from WW1 were found near Udria, where they must have been left at the end of February or early March 1918, when Feldartillerie-Regiment 8 "von Holtzendorf" was advancing towards Narva.

Previously, this regiment was fighting on the Western front in France, and on the Eastern front from late 1914 until the German capitulation. All but one tag are from the 8. Batterie of this Feldartillerie-Regiment. One tag is from a member of the replacement company of Dragoner-Regiment 7.

They were found on the terrain of a former manor. Also close by was a coastal battery. The tags are all broken, so they were probably thrown away in a trash pit. For having been buried for 106 years, they are in incredibly good condition. Some damage here and there, but all the text on all tags is readable.

Absolutely terrific find from Estonia, and very close to the Tannenberg-Stellung.

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