Luftwaffe id tag general Sperling
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This is the first time we are able to offer an Erkennungsmarke from a general. The tag is marked "Stb./Kdr. Luftw. A.O.K.", which means Stab/Kommandeur der Luftwaffe Armee-Oberkommando, and "1", and according to archival research, which we will provide to the buyer, issued to then Oberst, later Generalmajor and Generalleutnant Joachim Sperling (1891-1975).

After a long career in the German Army, Sperling re-entered service in the Luftwaffe as a Major and was promoted several times after.

From 26 August 1939 until 15 December 1943 he was serving with the Luftwaffe-A.O.K. and was most certainly issued his tag there and then.

Sperling was later, from 1942 until 1944, the commander of the Ortskommandantur Minsk, an important function.

Sperling continued to serve until he was captured by the Red Army on 8 May 1945.

He spent 3 years in captivity until being released on 2 April 1948.

The tag has been found on an airfield near Stalingrad, and we do not know how it ended up there. The tag is made of aluminum and has (battle-)damage, which might have been the reason it was disregarded.

A very rare and special tag from a famous personality.

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