Named Finnish SS volunteer grouping
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Wonderful and extremely rare insignia grouping which belonged to the Finnish SS volunteer Holger Vilhelm Sjöblom. He was an SS-Rottenführer in the 12.(finn.)/SS-Infanterie-Regiment "Nordland", which was a heavy weapons company with PAK, mortars, and heavy machine guns.

The III(finn.)/"Nordland", as part of the "Wiking" division, fought in the Caucasus and suffered heavy casualties when it attacked Malgobek in the Autumn of 1942.

The grouping consists of an EM's Nordland cuffititle in very nice condition, an extremely rare worn Finnish volunteer shield (last model), a heavily worn RZM runes collar tab, a very nice worn flatwire officer's cap eagle, and an for us unknown piece of insignia, consisting of a bar on a piece of black cloth.

Really nice grouping with provenance to a known Finnish volunteer.

It doesn't come better than that.

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