Officers "Der Führer" cufftitle
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Officers "Der Führer" cufftitle Wonderful veteran cut-down officers flatwire-woven "Der Führer" cuff title in Gothic script.

SS-Standarte "Der Führer" was formed in April 1938 and authorized to wear a RZM-style cuff title with a hand-embroidered bullion variant for officers. In 1939 the flatwire-woven version was introduced for officers. Already the same year though, the cuff titles of "Der Führer" were changing from Gothic to Latin script, making it a short-issued cuff title, although it was worn by many members of this unit throughout the war.

This particular example is 18 cm long and is said to have come from a veteran's estate, but we do not know the name.

A really nice been-there cuff title and rare to find.

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