Wehrmacht Soldbuch of a penal unit
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Super rare Soldbuch from a member of the 1./Festungs-Infanterie-Bataillon X/999, which was a penal unit.

The Soldbuch was issued on 1 February 1944. The Fest.Inf.Btl. X/999 was part of Festungs-Infanterie-Regiment 967 and was stationed on the Greek island of Samos.

Another part of this regiment was stationed on Leros, famous for the battle in 1943. The Soldbuch contains very interesting details, like the issuing of an Italian rifle. In late 1944, this battalion moved to the Greek mainland and then retreated to Croatia, where it was stationed in 1945.

The owner was wounded in April 1945 and taken to the hospital in Agram, nowadays Zagreb.

He had already been wounded before, since he received the Wound Badge in Black on 8 October 1943, with Feldpostnummer 45031, which corresponds to Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 28, part of the 8. Panzer-Division. It is very rare to find penal unit Soldbuchs, and even more so in connection to the Aegean campaign.

A must-have for people who collect documents related to the Greek islands.

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