How do we work

We are supporting World War 2 collectibles enthusiasts to sell and buy their items and get the best market price.

To sell an item:

  1. Fill in the contact form or use contacts:

– email (
– WhatsApp or call (+372 5787 4440)

  1. Send us the item (by sending you are agreeing with terms and conditions).
  2. We will do a price assessment, professional pictures, historical description.
  3. When the item is sold and the buyer received the item, we send you the money (minus commission). If the item is not sold, we can send it back on request.

 Fees and terms:

– 0-750 euro: 20%
– 1000-2000 euro: 15%
– 2000+ euro: 10%

– minimum listing duration – 90 days, otherwise administration fee is applied – 5% per item.


PS: If you don’t want to send us the item, then good-quality pictures are required. Let’s discuss!

Why choose us?
  • We have professional historians in the team, so provided description will give the best insights to make the item more attractive.
  • We are actively dealing with the collector’s community creation.
  • We are dealing with marketing and content creation, so your items get maximum exposure.
  • We are actively seeking and accumulating historical material, to be sure description brings more value to the items.
  • All items are stored in a building with an alarm system connected to a security company.
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