Flemish Germanic SS belt buckle
Cost of delivery: €8

Extremely rare belt buckle from a member of the Germanic SS in Flanders (Germaansche SS Vlaanderen).

The Germanic SS in Flanders was the only Germanic SS unit with its own buckle. It had only an estimated 3500 members, so very few of them have been produced compared to normal SS belt buckles. We have not seen any other example for sale for a very long time, and it's also the first time we are able to offer such a buckle. After close comparison with known original exemplars, we came to the conclusion it is an undoubtedly original exemplar.

There has been an attempt to denazify the buckle, hence the runes have been damaged on the front side, and there is rust from bad storage, but that can be cleaned.

We offer it in untouched condition, as found recently in Germany.

These belt buckles are beyond rare.

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