Gasmask canister SS-Inf.Rgt. 11
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Super nice battlefield-dug gasmask canister marked SS Reg 11 with the soldier's name on the bottom. SS-Infanterie-Regiment 11 was formed ouf of SS-Totenkopf-Standarte 11 in February 1941.

In July 1941, the regiment was transferred to the SS-Division "Reich" and took part in Operation Barbarossa. The canister was found in Tverskaya Oblast. In this area, near Rzhev, the division "Reich" was fighting in the winter of 1941/42.

It is scarce to find SS-marked canisters and this one is from a unit that existed only for a very short time. SS-Inf.Rgt. 11 was disbanded at the end of 1941 and its personnel spread over the division "Reich". The canister is in very good condition, considering it was buried for so many years. It's complete with most of its paint preserved and remnants of white camouflage.

Really nice display piece.

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