Luftwaffe gravity knife handle
Cost of delivery: €17

Very nice handle from a Luftwaffe gravity knife (Fliegermesser), more commonly known as the Fallschirmjäger knife.

It was found like this in Kurzeme in Latvia. The wood is in great condition, and this handle can be used as a spare part, or just to display like this.

There seems to be "15 X" engraved in the wood, although we do not know what that means.

General info:

The first model of the Luftwaffe gravity knife, also known as the Fliegermesser, was a knife issued to German air force pilots during World War II that featured a locking blade and a marlinspike. The knife's design was intended to be a versatile tool for pilots in emergency situations, with the marlinspike being useful for working with rope and the locking blade providing a reliable cutting edge. The most distinctive feature of the Fliegermesser was its gravity-opening mechanism, which allowed for rapid deployment of the blade with one hand. While the first model of the Fliegermesser lacked some of the additional features of later models, it was still a valuable tool for pilots during World War II.

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