LW id tag of member "General Seyffardt"
Cost of delivery: €8

Wonderful zinc Luftwaffe Erkennungsmarke from a member of the 6./SS-Frw.Pz.Gren.Rgt. 48 "General Seyffardt".

The owner got his military training in the 2./schw.Flak-Ers.Abt. 37, was then transferred to either the 9. or 10. Luftwaffen-Feld-Division, before being transferred to the 4. SS-Frw.Pz.Gren.Brig. "Nederland" in Narva in March 1944.

Several hundreds of Luftwaffe survivors were transferred to the III.(germ.) SS-Pz.Korps and spead over "Nederland" and "Nordland".

The owner of this tag became a SS-Rttf. in the 6th company of the 48th regiment, and was taken POW on 26 July 1944 during the retreat from Narva.

We will provide the buyer with the name and other details. A very rare tag with a lot of history attached to it. The tag itself is in excellent condition.

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