Named Waffen-SS M35 helmet from Cherkassy
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Very nice solid ground-dug single decal SS M35 helmet.

It looks to be a Quist helmet with the typical Quist runes decal. It retains some of its paint and seems to have a name painted on the apron, although we do not know what is written.

The helmet was found near Cherkassy, known for the famous break-out of the 5. SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking" on 17 February 1944.

Cherkassy is a city in central Ukraine, which was the site of a significant battle during World War II. In 1943, German forces were encircled by the Soviet army in the Cherkassy Pocket, a salient near the Dnieper River. Among the German units trapped in the pocket was the 5. SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking." The break-out of the "Wiking" division at Cherkassy was a significant victory for the German army, allowing the division to continue fighting on the Eastern Front for several more months. However, the battle was also a costly one, resulting in significant losses in men and equipment on both sides.

A very historical piece.

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