Soviet Order of the Red Star - fully researched
Cost of delivery: €8

Very nice Order of the Red Star with the number engraved on the back.

It was found in Ukraine a few years ago. Parts of the red enamel on the front side are missing, as well as the screw on the backside, but the condition is excellent and can be repaired or cleaned further.

We researched the number. It belonged to Ukrainian soldier Dmitry B.N., who was a construction platoon commander in the 47 mechanized brigade. Dmitry was awarded for 2 episodes, which took place on 27.09.1943 and 29.09.1943.

During the offensive operations in Ukraine near the city of Rudnya, he took a machine gun and destroyed 15 German soldiers. Later on, he also was able to fight off a counterattack using a machine gun.

We will provide scans of the documents to the buyer, which include:

  • photo of the soldier
  • personal card
  • award list (describing both episodes in better detail)
  • map showing his battle path
  • list mentioning other awards

Very nice and rare historical item.

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