SS grouping RuSHA and "Skanderbeg"
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Spectacular grouping of SS-Ostuf. Günther Jahn, who worked in the Rasse-und-Siedlungs-Hauptamt-SS (RuSHA), and was transferred to the "Handschar" division in 1944.

SS-Number: 232  937 and his NSDAP number: 3 950 658

He was placed as an administrative officer in the Stab I./Waffen-Gebirgs-Regiment der SS 28, which consisted mainly of Albanians and was then transferred to the newly formed "Skanderbeg" division a few months later. Here he became the administrative officer of the Stab III./Waffen-Gebirgs-Regiment der SS 51.

The grouping consists of fifteen photos, two wedding cards, an Arbeitsbuch, two member cards that belonged to his wife, and a beautiful and extremely rare officer's bullion RuSHA sleeve diamond (Ärmelraute), which he seems to be wearing in several photos in this grouping.

Two pictures seem to have been taken in the concentration camp Dachau. One picture shows a gate with sentry houses, and another one seems to be a very early picture of Totenkopf members with brown uniforms.

Also, some very rare cufftitles can be seen on these pictures, like the early RFSS cufftitle and the black-and-white striped one for Abteilungsleiter in the Staff of the Reichsführer-SS.

The diamond is in wonderful condition, with very sharp bullion, and the back of the diamond has an early cloth RZM tag, with a number that is known to be found on such diamonds.

It is the first time we can offer such a rare sleeve diamond, visible on photos and attributed to an SS officer who served in the "Handschar" and "Skanderbeg" divisions.

Absolutely amazing grouping.

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