Waffen-SS belt buckle with belt
Cost of delivery: €17

Wonderful aluminum SS belt buckle, complete with its original belt. Both the buckle and the belt attachment are marked RZM 822/37.

The leather belt is still pliable and in very good condition as well. It was found on positions of the SS-Division "Totenkopf" in the Demyansk pocket.

Very rare to see such a nice and complete set coming from the ground, and from a very historical place.

The Demyansk Battlefield was a significant battlefront during World War II, where the German army fought Soviet forces for control of the city of Demyansk in Russia. The battle lasted from February to August 1942 and resulted in a strategic victory for the Germans.

During the battle, several elite SS units played a key role in the German defense of the area. The 2nd SS Infantry Brigade, made up of Waffen-SS troops, was deployed to the Demyansk region in early 1942. This unit was later reinforced by the 4th SS Polizei Division and the 5th SS Panzer Division "Wiking," which included troops from many European countries.

The SS units fought fiercely against Soviet forces, engaging in brutal close-quarters combat and committing numerous war crimes against prisoners of war and civilians. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the SS units were able to hold their ground and inflict significant losses on the Soviet army.

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