Waffen-SS M40 helmet from Demyansk
Cost of delivery: €35

Very nice ground-dug single decal SS M40 helmet. Part of the decal is well-preserved.

The helmet is in rough condition, so we priced it accordingly.

It was found near Demyansk, on positions of the 3. SS-Division "Totenkopf".

The "Totenkopf" division played a crucial role in the German defense of the Demyansk region, engaging in fierce close-quarters combat with Soviet forces. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the division held its ground and inflicted significant losses on the enemy.

The "Totenkopf" division was known for its brutal tactics and ruthless treatment of prisoners of war and civilians. During the battle, the division was implicated in numerous war crimes and atrocities, including the massacre of more than 2,000 Soviet prisoners.

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