Wehrmacht id tag Lehr-Rgt. "Brandenburg"
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Wehrmacht id tag Lehr-Rgt. "Brandenburg" Wonderful and super rare zinc Erkennungsmarke from a member of the III. Btl. of Lehr-Regiment "Brandenburg" z.b.V. 800, the special forces unit of the Wehrmacht.

It has a high number indicating it was probably issued in 1943 or 1944. In late 1944, this unit was reformed into Panzer-Grenadier-Division "Brandenburg".

Tags from this unit are very hard to find. It comes from the household of a veteran of this unit, who attached it to a commemorative wall plate.

The stamping is identical to the ground-dug tags of this unit, so we have no doubts about what we offer.

The tag is in extremely good condition, with the right patina.

A rare opportunity to buy a real "Brandenburg" id tag.

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